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Colégio Magno/Mágico de Oz is situated in São Paulo, brazilian city considered to be the biggest metropolis in Latin America.

The school's curriculum is inspired by global experiences, educating its students to become critical and creative thinkers, socially responsible as in global citizens. 

Colégio Magno/Mágico de Oz meets what the complex XXIst Century expects. A strong, but also open and inclusive school; consistent, but creative and bold; solid, but agil and flexible; global, but also brazilian; technologic, but also human and hand made. 

Braille's Vowel Game

Activity from the the Kindergarten Project

of Colégio Magno/Mágico de Oz

Kindergarten students - 4 to 5 years old

We have chosen to speak about vision loss. Our students got curious to know how blind children and adults learn how to read and write.

    ur Kindergarten students visited a Second Grade class that was studying the subject and had already visited the Dorina Nowill Foundation.

While sharing their experience, the Second Grade students told how blind people can read, move trough places and identify people.  So, we decided to create the game Braille Vowels, associating the sound of the letters with the corresponding images. 

As they already frequently use the Scratch Jr and Makey Makey at Technology classes,  they recorded and programmed, with the teacher's assistance, the sounds of the vowels and the related words on Scratch and Makey Makey in order to create an interactive game.

Making the game board

Game development using Scratch and Makey Makey

Everything programmed and pluged in!

let´s play!

mag maker


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